Why a real estate agent?

To some, hiring the best real estate agent for a property purchase seems a costly affair but it actually ends up saving people a lot of money. Property investors prefer to hire estate agent because:

  • It saves time- Search property suiting your budget and requirements at a foreign location can be time consuming. Local property experts save time as they have prior knowledge of estates available for sale and sent.
  • It saves money- Every property is unique and its value is determined by its present condition, location and other visible & invisible characteristics. Property agents save money by guiding you directly to the best value purchase.
  • It saves from bad investment- A lot of money exchanges hands when a property is sold. Doing it without expert opinion can lead to bad investment. You pay for an agent’s knowhow and he/she uses the same to find the best deal.

The Italian lakes area is known for its holiday homes and villas but not all of them are worth buying. Only an expert local agent can point out the best.