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Lake Como: a special place in the world!

Lake Como is located in northern Italy, not far from Milan and its airports and very close to Switzerland. A strategic position in Europe, already in the South but close to northern countries, and also an ideal area surrounded by protecting mountains which create a particularly mild climate.

Well known all over the world for its charm and incomparable beauty, Lake Como offers its beauty with discretion, without confusion and with a magical atmosphere that invites one to relax and meditate.

Breath taking landscapes that have captured the hearts of people coming from all over the world, since more than a hundred years. The founder of the second oldest Italian Golf Club (1906) in Menaggio was English and King Edward VIII chose the lake for his honeymoon. Winston Churchill often summered on the shores of the lake. In the ’60s the German chancellor Adenauer elected Lake Como as his favourite place for holidays. To this day the area is still loved by people from all over the world, including entrepreneurs,  businessmen, writers, fashion designers, sportsmen, actors and movie directors.


Why buying a property on Lake Como?

From what written above, you can already understand some of the many reasons that make Lake Como a great place to buy a property and to invest, but there are more:

Stability of the property market  Lake Como has a very stable property market. Even when some other parts of the world are affected by strong crisis, with important losses on houses’ value, the properties in this area maintain their value and in the unlikely event of a loss, it is never strong, as experienced in other places. Environmental laws and artistic heritage prevent the excessive construction of new buildings, avoiding the phenomenon  of the “real estate bubble”.

Safe investment  Not only the stability of the market, but also the fact that Lake Como is a popular tourist destination, make the investment in a property in this area safe and profitable, through holiday rentals.

Strategic position in Europe. Looking at a map, Lake Como is in central South part of it: easy to reach from all European countries (even by car) and not only, well connected to the international airports of Milan.

Mild climate   Summers are never too hot and in winter, temperatures rarely drop below zero degrees Celsius. The beautiful vegetation that characterizes the magnificent gardens along the shores of the lake are the proof of this is mild climate.

History and prestige  Since centuries, aristocrats and successful entrepreneurs have built and bought houses and villas on the shores of Lake Como. Owners may change during the years, but the prestige and charm of Lake Como remain the same. Artistic treasures, architecture and nature have inspired many poets and artists. Lake Como is known for its ancient villas: Villa Carlotta, in Tremezzo; Villa Balbianello in Lenno, Villa Monastero in Varenna, Villa d’Este and Villa Erba in Cernobbio, Villa Serbelloni with the Rockfeller Foundation in Bellagio. Many movies have been filmed here: Star Wars, 007 Casino Royale, Ocean Twelve.

Sport  Lake Como offers many opportunities for those who love sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and other water sports. For those who enjoy to walk, there are many hiking trails from easy to difficult, along the lake and the Alps. Cycling is also loved here, both on roads and on mountain trails.