Testimonials – Our best presentation


Deborah e Giuseppe Muzzu Martis


“Dear Deborah,

Nancy and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks, for helping make our dream of Italian home ownership come true.  Even though we found you online from the United States, from our very first inquiry you were an absolute delight to work with.  You tirelessly answered all of our questions, responded promptly to every email we sent, and guided us through the exploration stage with extraordinary patience.

When the time came to meet in person, it felt like meeting a good friend rather than our real estate agent.  Aside from the opinions and advice you shared during our home tours, you were such a pleasure to spend time with that we were sorry when the day was over!  And that’s the way the entire process went, from finding the perfect place to successful negotiations and closing of escrow; never did we see a lapse in patience, professionalism or enthusiasm from you.  You even helped us find the perfect bank, assisted in getting our Italian tax numbers, coordinated with the local utilities, and arranged for a translator to be present on closing day, culminating in being handed the keys by the Notaio while saying “Congratulations, you are now Italian home owners”!

Deborah, there was not one detail overlooked, or a question you didn’t answer through the entire process; your service was truly impeccable and extraordinary throughout.  But there is one more thing that transcends even your professionalism, and that is the warmth of heart you conveyed to us.  We always felt like we had a true friend on our side, and we do so hope that friendship lasts long into the future!

In closing, we would like to add that should the time ever come to sell or to buy another property in the Lake Como region, we would not consider anyone else but you.  You are an expert in your business and have earned our complete trust, and we will be forever grateful to you.”


Brent & Nancy, Arizona, USA


“Deborah was a wonderful and highly professional real estate agent in helping us find our dream apartment on Lake Como. She listened to our wish list, understood our requirements perfectly and steered us in the right direction in regards to best locations on the lake, any legalities, building companies and various suppliers. Her multi lingual skills were invaluable to negotiate and close our complex contract. Deborah was always prompt in responding to all forms of communications throughout the process with us and our lawyer and also assisting us with the fit-out and finishing phases of interior works required. Her professionalism and warmth made the process of finding a suitable second home in Italy a lot less stressful than it could have been!  We can’t thank Deborah enough and can absolutely highly recommend her.”

Liz & Colin, UK



“Are you thinking of buying a property near lake Como in north of Italy? Looking for your dream house? DMM Real Estate is the one to help you. Deborah was very helpful and professional. She knows the region, she is responsible, credible and knew exactly what we were looking for. Being in Sweden we needed all the help we could get. She guaranteed assistance, and we got everything we needed from the beginning to the end. My husband and I are very pleased and we will very much recommend Deborah. We are enjoying our large terrace with breathtaking view overlooking Lago di Piano.”

Marie & Lars, Sweden



“We have met Deborah over a year ago who is the property agent of DMM Real Estate in Italy. Deborah showed us the real estate properties around Como and she has been able to give us full details of these properties.  Other than these, Deborah was also able to advise any pros and cons in a highly professional manner so that we are able to value the fitness of each property to our investment requirement.  Deborah has also taken us through the whole property purchase process so that careful consideration of all relevant aspects such as costs, legal fees, taxes etc has been taken and nothing has been overlooked or missed.  At the personal level, we found Deborah is a very friendly, passionate and reliable person.  She is able to give advice or honest opinion or generous help in any matters even beyond her profession.  We would be no doubt to recommend Deborah to anyone who have interest in real estate properties.”

SK & Adam, Guangdong, PRC.



“We were very satisfied by Deborah’s professionalism. Thanks to her we could finalized the purchase of an apartment in a historical building on Lake Como. Her cordiality, honesty and availability in answering all our questions, has given us the possibility to carefully evaluate the choice we have made. We definitely recommend her real estate agency, we were very satisfied with her services.”


Davide e Giorgio, Svizzera.



“On March of 2017, my family and I decided to visit Como Lake, Italy. After walking around and exploring the city and the villages around it, we were infatuated by its captivating beauty and decided to purchase a property in one of the villages as a little escape for us. Having said that, we contacted Deborah to assist us by showing us around the area and giving us an opportunity to inspect several apartments. Gratefully, she lent us a helping hand without being overbearing and taking into consideration our requirements and preferences.
When Deborah guided us through multiple residential properties, she made sure she informed us about the background of the apartments and any obstacles we might run into. In addition, she notified us about the municipality guidelines that we are obliged to follow. When asked a question she was uncertain of, she ensured that she inquired qualified personnel or retuned to a reliable source for the purpose of giving us a valid and verified answer.
In light of the above, after settling on a suitable apartment for us, we did not lose contact with Deborah. Considering the fact that we are foreigners, we had multiple questions and needing helps about certain procedures such as taxes, water, gas and electricity services and maintenance, and waste disposal. Deborah was a great help in answering and assisting to ensure that our needs to be covered and solved.
Now, we are happy and content with our picturesque apartment and thankful for all of the assistance and cordiality Deborah demonstrated”

Loay, Saudi Arabia.



“We’ve known Deborah these past ten years. She has assisted us in the purchase and sale of properties in Menaggio and Lake Como. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area and knows where, when and whom to contact in various circumstances.
Deborah is always friendly, enthusiastic and will work diligently in her clients’ behalf. She’s made our Italian adventure rewarding and we feel privileged to count her and her family among our friends.”

Allen & Ruth, Santa Monica, California, USA.



“We first met Deborah and her father Giuseppe in July, 2000 when we began looking for property on Lake Como.  We started with another agent in Argegno, who said that there is only one agent to speak with about the central lake real estate and that was “Muzzu.”  We got to know them during several meetings where we looked at various properties in and around the Central Lake area.
The most important thing in the process was their ability to instill our trust in them.  We highly valued their great knowledge of the central lake area, their relaxed style and above all their patience in answering all of our questions, to which we got straight forward, honest answers.  Investing in property can be an uncertain process in your own country, much less a foreign one, but we felt secure with the Muzzus as they guided us through the process to close and then helped us navigate all the other post-transaction necessities to get the property “up and running.”  We have and will continue to recommend Deborah to anyone seeking to find and buy the best available property on Lake Como.”

Tim & Corina, Wien, Austria.



“We have known and been working on and off with Giuseppe Muzzu for over 30 years. He and his daughter know the Lake Como area inside out. We have bought and asked Giuseppe to renovate a waterfront property for us years ago. They know all the right contacts. Buying property in Italy is quite different than in the United States. You need someone you can trust, guide you through the process and look after your best interest. It is a pleasure to know and do business with both Giuseppe and Deborah and we highly recommend them.”

Jurgen & Jenny, New York, USA.